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17 Dec

Update: December 16, 2009

Under the weather today so no podcast, but I do have a weigh-in update.

Tony’s Stats
Weight: 381.2 lbs
To Go: 131.2 lbs in 67 weeks.

11 Dec

An update

I’m still here.

I haven’t had the time, energy or motivation to post an episode recently, but I can say that I did lose two pounds in the week before Thanksgiving and have gone on to gain it back.

If you’ve listened to the last episode, you’ll know that things have gotten complicated again (as life sometimes does) and things just continue to get more complicated.

As we deal with some of our new responsibilities I am likely not going to be posting weekly episodes. I will however try to keep you guys updated on my progress.

This isn’t a bump in the road, it’s a mountain, but the road is also VERY long and I’m still on it.

Thank for your support and well wishes.

20 Nov

TLI Episode 047: November 18, 2009

No one wrote the show notes live for this one, so I’ll just give you the quick rundown.

It’s been a rough week personally and for the diet. Also, no workouts. I’ll let the episode tell the story. It’s a short one.

Tony’s Stats
Weight: 388.2 lbs (-.6 lbs!)
To Go: 138.2 lbs in 71 weeks.

12 Nov

TLI Episode 046: November 11, 2009

(Note: if you have Google Wave let me know and you can help with the show notes too. This week’s show notes come to us from The Great Mr. Chibi himself.)

In this episode, Tony takes a break from weight to talk a little bit about Veteran’s Day and what it means to him.

Tony’s Stats
Weight: 388.8 lbs (-2 lbs!)
To Go: 138.8 lbs in 72 weeks.

Honor Flight
“Based on recent 2008 statistics, we are losing World War II veterans at the rate of approximately 1,000 per day. Honor Flight Network will continue do whatever it takes to fulfill the dreams of our veterans and help our senior heroes travel absolutely free.
Subsequent to the World War II veterans, our efforts will then focus on our Korean War and then Vietnam War veterans, honoring them similarly.”

04 Nov

TLI Episode 045: November 4, 2009

Here we go. Another episode.

This is a short one as I was kinda tired. The thing toward the end that I forgot to mention was that I’ve worked my way, unintentionally, off of caffeine. I don’t know how long it will last, but I’m going to be going the water route for a while. One of the reasons I was so tire was because of the splitting headache I had most of the day from withdrawal.

73 weeks and 140.8 lbs to go!

28 Oct

TLI Episode 044: October 28, 2009

Take a listen and hear all about my progress and the roadblocks I bounced up against this week.

Feel free to send email to tony@tony’slosingit.com (remove the apostrophe)
… leave a comment on the website…
or send me a voicemail at 618-207-4747.

Thanks for joining me on the journey.

143.6 to go.

21 Oct

TLI Episode 043: October 21, 2009

I’m baaaaaa-aaack.

Take a listen and hear all about 250 by 40… unless you’ve already looked at the website and seen the breakdown of the plan.

Feel free to send email to tony@tony’slosingit.com (remove the apostrophe)
… leave a comment on the website…
or send me a voicemail at 618-207-4747.

Thanks for joining me on the journey.

This episode is brought to you by Tony’s new hat. For all things awesome, try Tony’s new hat.

148.2 to go.

09 Oct

TLI Returns, October 21st, 2009… Or thereabouts.

I say October 21st, but realistically the episode will probably drop on the 22nd.

The plan is to record a new episode after every Back Seat Producers recording session on Wednesday nights.

I’ve been taking a serious look at my diet, I’ve joined a gym and I’ve got a plan.

I’m sure I’ll spell it out in the first episode, but basically the plan goes a little something like this.

Catchy titles and slogans and whatnot always tend to draw the eye and gather a crowd, so the first part of the plan is to have a catchy title for the plan.

So… unless anyone has any better suggestions, I’m going with 250 by 40.

It’s simple, descriptive and gets to the point of it. We’re going to bullet points for the next part ’cause it’s just a bunch of facts and numbers. I’m a math geek. I like numbers. Did you see the name of my plan? Yep, numbers.

  • I weigh, give or take, about 400 lbs. Yep. That sucks.
  • I turn 40 years old on March 30, 2011.
  • October 21st, 2009 is exactly 75 weeks until March 30, 2011.
  • Most weight loss literature recommends an average of 2lbs per week of weight loss.
  • 400-75×2=250.

So, class, what I’m getting at is that this fat boy is trying, once again, using TLI as my drug of choice, to get back on the train of healthiness and lose 150 lbs in 75 weeks.

I want to be at 250 lbs by the time I’m 40. I know my journey won’t be over at that point, in fact it’ll really only be starting, but it’s a long term goal relating to some huge milestones in my life.

Subscribe to the feed now, get in on it early and visit the site often. I’m going to try to post some pictures, maybe some videos here and there as this goes, some articles on exercise, and some recipes.

If you want to help out, drop me an email (tony@tony’slosingit.com – drop the apostrophe) and you can join in on the fun.

04 Jun

TLI Episode 042: June 4, 2009

Too long.

Yep, It’s been too long, but I’m back in the saddle.

This time I’m trying the EA Sports Active for Wii. Today is day 4, technically I was supposed to record this on Day 3, but since it’s after midnight… yeah, So I’ve got 2 exercise days done and will do another later today.

Thanks to anyone who is still sticking with me. The plan is to release these on any of my “rest” days, which I understand is going to be every third day.

19 Mar

TLI Episode 041: March 19, 2009

Big announcement time. As of March 23, 2009 the focus of the show official changes back to focus on my weight loss, and occasionally about my writing. The reason is… I’m starting a new job on Monday.

I do talk about the workouts I’ve been doing and the changes that those workouts are making. It’s tough, but the results are starting to become more and more apparent.

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