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08 Jan

A Request: For Tee and Sonic Boom

Tee Morris has been a part of this podcast from the beginning. When Tony #2 and first sat down in front of his computer with one of those free stick microphones that you used to get with computers (Do they still give those away with new PCs?), we had a copy of Podcasting For Dummies sitting right there next to us. Tee co-wrote Podcasting for Dummies. I’ve since been able to get Tee to sign that copy.

Tee offered words of support and encouragement when I mentioned starting TLI, having his own experiences with the journey of weightloss.

Tee has come on the Back Seat Producers a few times each time is more epic than the time before. From the insanely long ‘interview’ we did with Tee and Pip to promote Double Trouble to Tee’s astounding work on Episode 100 to help us blast through reviewing 100 movies in 100 minutes. Just Tuesday I got a tweet from Tee offering himself up for an episode on Avatar. He had apparently seen it the night before and was itching to talk about it.

Tee has even shown up on this podcast, the only episode that I can think of that I’ve done here that has had anyone else’s voice but mine. We talked about his journey and gave me dieting tips.

Wednesday brought shocking news. Natalie Morris, the woman Tee married and mother to their daughter, Sonic Boom, died suddenly. It was completely unexpected.

I’ve known Tee for a couple of years now. We’ve shared amazing scotch, he gave me dieting tips for Tony’s Losing It and talked to me on a number of occasions during the stressful period that I was going through when Julie was in the Hospital for a month leading up to the birth of Erin.

You might know Tee as a podcaster, author, actor or showman. I add to that list friend. Tee is a great guy. Very giving and as genuinely nice a person as I’ve ever known.

Friends, fans… I’m making a request. Show Tee that he is appreciated, not only as a podcaster, author, movie reviewer… but as a parent. Because that’s a gig that he’s got to do solo now. As you can imagine there are immediate bills that need attended to and the community has already come together and, from what I gather, taken care of the immediate needs. Anything more that will be donated to Tee and Sonic Boom will go into a trust fund for SB.

Please give.

Thanks, Tony

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