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18 Mar

I’m still here.

So I’m approaching my 39th birthday and I have this looming goal that I’ve set for my 40th. I’ve been delaying “starting” TLI until I got back on track, until I had something positive to report. Honestly, in terms of weightloss, there isn’t too much positive to report from me at the moment.

I am going to get back on track, going to start working out, eating better again. I haven’t really done that yet, but I am trying to get myself back into the mindset of doing it.

One of the things I’m going to attempt, starting today, is Bob Harper’s (Yeah, Bob from the Biggest Loser) daily challenges that he’s posting on Twitter.

Today’s challenge from http://twitter.com/mytrainerbob is 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 lunges and 5 minutes of meditation. Also to drink a lot of water (which I’ve actually been really good about lately.)

So I’ll report back tomorrow. I’ll let you know how I did on this challenge, what I weigh in at when I weigh myself tonight (Not looking forward to that).

I’m here, I’m back…

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