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13 Nov

TLI Episode 059: November 13, 2015

Changes are happening, just not quite the way I expected.

It was a good week, and I’ve got some victories to celebrate.


Step up with us and take the NO PUDGE Pledge!

One Response to “TLI Episode 059: November 13, 2015”

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    Kim Bednar Says:

    Dear Tony,

    Am commenting as I listen to your podcast. The muscle is going to burn the fat and take down your glucose level by burning more calories. That’s right. You have to understand that your fat is turning to muscle, AND THAT IS GOOD! This is what Dr. Richard Yoon says: “Losing about one pound a week, eating a diet high in protein, and trying to maintain strength will ensure you are losing body fat to help you transform your body.” Glad that your weight is down. 3.2 pounds is wonderful. You are losing the way doctors want us to. This weight will stay off for good.

    The energy level is definitely going to go up. Clear and more focused is right because you are feeding your brain with blood and oxygen when you exercise. Wow! You are doing well with 15 workouts within that time!

    Yeah, jogging is very difficult when you haven’t been doing it for awhile. (I just do the eliptical at the Y.) You are doing extremely well with 3 laps. You are getting in shape! Every pound off takes 4 pounds off your knees and hips. That is what my doc says.

    You haven’t even begun to see how good it will be. You just have a tiny hint right now. When I work out regularly, I can feel it in my body too. Yes, you are going to lose weight. Trying to get your body to let the weight go is the hard part.

    I joined the “No Pudge” challenge. My eating trigger is going around family that is highly toxic. That is the hard thing to face at this time of year for we who are from dysfunctional families. All over the TV you see loving families. And then you have to go in where the toxic psychological sludge is. And you feel guilty if you avoid it. (Sometimes the healthiest thing you can do is to avoid the messed up person, who won’t/can’t change.)

    You are changing lifetime habits eating. Forgive yourself! This is a complete change in your lifestyle. It’s ok. Keep an eye on what triggers you eating the wrong way. Just getting used to eating less fat makes you want to eat the wallpaper off the walls! (That is until your body gets used to it.) Wonderful that Julie is joining you! That’s good – I would like to hear from Julie on the podcast! Really enjoy hearing how you are doing! Love your podcasts. It encourages me so much.


    Kim (David’s mom)

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