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08 Jan

TLI Episode 028: January 8, 2008

Please donate to the Fear the Con TLI Fruit Drive.
Check out the Tribal Fit Club
Good luck Ed!
Thank you, Mike Mennenga!

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2 Responses to “TLI Episode 028: January 8, 2008”

  1. 1
    Robin Says:

    Miss you at TDP!

  2. 2
    Steve Says:

    Not sure how well the fruit would go over at a ‘con – people set up at the game tables would still have to deal with apple cores, banana peels, etc…
    I can say one of the places that I will always pick fruit over chips is Subway as they made it an easy alternative with their packaged apple slices – you can just grab the slices and eat ’em like you’re grabbing chips, and you only have the the little bag to deal with. Something like that would probably sell well along with chips but they’d take some work to set up – they make a kitchen tool that will core & slice an apple with one swoop which probably wouldn’t be too bad but you’d have to soak ’em in something like a water-n-lime mixture to keep them from turning brown and then baggie ’em up. And the baggies could still have something like a “your purchase helps support the Tony’s Losit It Podcast” or something like that. Eh… might be an idea if you can find a couple of local volunteers to help I guess hehe.

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